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What Coaching Is!

I work with you and your goals and pose powerful questions designed to make you think outside the box and break through your challenges.

 What Coaching Is not!

Coaching is not therapy or counseling. It should not be substituted for a trained  psychologist.


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Coach Wallace only works with four clients at a time to ensure you meet and achieve the goal you set. 

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     Achieving success in anything is directly related to your amount of confidence. We often have a limiting belief that our outcomes rely on external circumstances. For instance "When I get a new job, things will be better". And "This needs to happen before I start".  


     Circumstances are external conditions. The force that creates extraordinary success and changes people's lives is found internally. Every thing you ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR. That's what it all really boils down to.


     You can build unshakable confidence, and live an extraordinary life. We can do it together. Just fill out the form on this page for a free 30 minute strategy session. Tell me what your #1 goal is and the biggest obstacle that's standing in your way in the message.